Busselton and Dunsborough Precinct Structure Plans

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) can be prepared for an ‘Activity Centre’, which is known as a vital city/town centre for our community and visitors. 

Activity Centres have a focus on mixed-use development in a vibrant, attractive and user-friendly ‘main street’ setting.

A PSP is a type of strategic planning document, and the preparation of a PSP is guided by the state planning framework. One important part of this process includes technical studies that will be used to inform the PSP. The technical studies might address -

  • The future retail/commercial needs of each centre;
  • Current parking supply and future demand;
  • Existing buildings and how we can improve in the future;
  • Bushfire risk for future development.

The technical reports will be used for guidance only, and it should not be assumed that the PSPs adopted by Council will be consistent with the report recommendations.

PSPs require many other preparation steps, including -

  • Consult and communicate with key community groups and organisations;
  • Council approval to start formal advertising;
  • Consult broadly with the community and government agencies;
  • Redraft the PSPs in response to comments received during consultation;
  • Further endorsement from Council;
  • A final decision (approval or refusal) by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

When completed, the PSPs will provide important guidance for future development in the Busselton City Centre and Dunsborough Town Centre.

Adopted PSPs will be available on the Structure Plans and Local Development Plans page.

Busselton PSP

Preparation of the Busselton PSP is currently on hold.  Studies that have been completed for the PSP and other similar projects include -

  • City Centre Retail & Commercial Analysis
  • Parking Utilisation and Future Demand Projections

Dunsborough PSP

Preparation of the Dunsborough PSP has been underway since 2018 and was approved by Council for advertising in May 2022

During August and September 2022 the City consulted broadly with the community on the draft Dunsborough PSP and associated Amendment 52 (Amdt52) to the local Planning Scheme, attracting 100's of public submissions.

In the December 2022 Council Meeting the Council resolved to adopt the Dunsborough PSP and Amdt52, and the proposals are now awaiting a decision from WAPC and Minister for Planning.

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