Our Culture and People

We are a large diverse team who provide a range of services. Working towards our vision of ‘where environment, lifestyle and opportunity meet’, our staff are personally driven to deliver great outcomes for our community. We live, work and play within the City of Busselton. 

Our cogs (shown on this page) signify the City’s values and behaviours which represents the way we commit to work together. The City has a team of staff named ‘COG’ who volunteer to work with all staff and management to continue to embed our values and behaviours.  Our Culture and People

We value:

  • Listening
  • Considered Decision Making
  • Appreciation
  • Respect
  • Team Work

Our behaviours:

  • Actively listen and respect other opinions
  • Have courage to give feedback and receive it with an open mind
  • Plan, reflect and share our learnings
  • Thank each other for a job well done
  • Get to know each other and the roles we play
  • Create a fun, supportive and encouraging workplace and
  • Acknowledge each other’s skills and experience and work together

Our people make the City of Busselton a great place to work and are the reason we achieve great things. 

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