Planning Our Town Centres

Our vision is for town centres that are vibrant, attractive, and sustainable.

We want to create places that you can relate to and where you will feel at home – places where you can shop, socialise, play and relax.

Do you have any other ideas or a question relating to the planning of our Town Centres? Please contact our Strategic Planning Team on (08) 9781 1731.

What are the main town centres in the Busselton district?

  • Busselton City Centre is the major retail, commercial and cultural heart of Busselton.  This is where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. There are also government, professional and health services, as well as the cultural precinct, foreshore and lots of entertainment options.
  • Dunsborough Town Centre is the largest retail and commercial centre in the western side of the district. Here you’ll find many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, professional and health services and entertainment options. 
  • Vasse Village is a neighbourhood centre with a supermarket and a small range of shops, restaurants, bars and health/professional services. Dunsborough CBD

Why are town centres so important? 

Our town centres are vital for a whole range of reasons:

  • Retail and commercial centre for locals and visitors;
  • Social and cultural heart for locals and visitors;
  • Business and employment opportunities for economic growth and prosperity;
  • High density housing for ‘inner city’ living;
  • Government, professional and health services for our locals;
  • Public transport to and from other town centres.

What are we doing to improve our town centres?

So many things!

The City is drafting Precinct Structure Plans for Dunsborough Town Centre and Busselton City Centre. These plans will give the Council and the community an opportunity to think about:

  • Land uses within each centre, including future retail needs and more opportunity for ‘inner-city living’;
  • The design of buildings, including factors such as height, disability access, attractive shop windows, awnings for weather protection, and the location of parking;
  • Ways to make our streets easier and more enjoyable to move through;
  • Plenty of parking for today and the future, while also encouraging ‘wallets past shop windows’;
  • Making sure that our parks and other public spaces are the best possible spaces to ‘socialise, play and relax’.

The City is also enhancing our town centres through:

  • Providing a home for buskers and markets in public spaces to create a relaxed ‘weekend vibe’;
  • Looking at street art opportunities and proposals;
  • Providing grants for local business proposals to improve shop fronts and increase alfresco dining;
  • Providing funding for town team 'activation' initiatives;
  • Improving safety through CCTV and working on reducing crime.

Busselton and Dunsborough Precinct Structure Plans – tell me more!

An ‘Activity Centre’ is known as a vital city/town centre for our community and visitors. Busselton CBD

Activity Centres are important for all of the reasons listed above. There is a focus on mixed-use development in a vibrant, attractive and user-friendly ‘main street’ setting.

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a type of strategic planning document.  Various preparation steps include:

  • Special studies that consider -
    • The future retail/commercial needs of each centre;
    • Current parking supply and future demand;
    • Review existing buildings and how we can improve in the future;
    • Bushfire risk for future development;
  • Consult and communicate with key community groups and organisations;
  • Council approval to start formal advertising;
  • Consult broadly with the community and government agencies;
  • Redraft the PSPs in response to comments received during consultation;
  • Further endorsement from Council;
  • A final decision (approval or refusal) by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

When completed, the PSPs will provide important guidance for all future development.

Adopted PSPs will be available on the Structure Plans and Local Development Plans page.

How is the City partnering with the community?

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