Dunsborough Townscape Upgrade

Dunsborough Town Centre has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years. Stage 1 – 5 of the Dunsborough Townscape Upgrade has seen the revitalisation of Lions Park, the realignment of Seymour Boulevard to improve vehicle and pedestrian access, increased car parking and the significant greening of the central town area. Lighting, footpath, street furniture and landscaping upgrades have improved amenities and returned open space to the community.

The City would like to acknowledge those who have completed surveys/submissions regarding the Dunsborough Townscape Upgrade project. The level of engagement to date has been very positive. To view past community consultations, view this project's Your Say page.

The next stage of the upgrade focuses on Naturaliste Terrace, between the roundabout on Dunn Bay Road/Naturaliste Terrace and Cyrillean Way. Works are planned to commence in mid-August 2022. 

Stage 6 Works Continue - Naturaliste Terrace - Complete 


The project includes; road reconstruction and realignment works, paving replacement, water main replacement, rock-filled gabion seating, landscaping and new grassed areas. The project will deliver increased pedestrian space and alfresco use opportunities for businesses.

Existing trees within the central median (9 in total) will be removed due to the root damage they cause to road and paving infrastructure and safety risk they will pose after root removal required for the upgrade works. These trees will instead, be replaced with 13 new advanced ornamental street trees, as well as 15 advanced ornamental shade trees and significant understorey planting included within the landscape works.


Works are planned to commence in mid-August 2022 and are planned to be completed by the beginning of December 2022. Works are scheduled to continue through the September/ October school holidays in order to reduce the overall length of the project and impact to the peak tourist period.


Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place that will include the closure of Naturaliste Terrace to vehicles between Dunn Bay Road and Cyrillean Way. A new roundabout at the Cyrillean Way intersection will be opened in advance of Naturaliste Terrace.

Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained during opening hours, so business as usual. Let’s take this opportunity to shop and support local. Traffic management and detours will be in place and disruption minimised as much as possible but delays should be expected.


Prior notification of works will be provided via the use of variable message boards located at strategic locations in the vicinity of the works. Signage will be installed to advise and promote that businesses are open as usual.

City of Busselton project representatives would like to meet with occupiers to provide additional design and construction information and answer any questions. To schedule a mutually convenient time to meet at your premises please contact Jodi Moffett on 9781 0424.

If you or your business are directly impacted by these works and would like to remain informed, please email expressing your interest in receiving project updates.

For any other queries in relation to the project, please contact the City of Busselton, Operations Services department on 9781 1748.


      Images: Dunsborough Townscape Upgrade Stage 6 - Naturaliste Terrace, Dunsborough


When will the works occur?

  • Works are expected to commence mid-August and be complete in December 2022. Update - Works have now been completed. 

How did consultation influence the design of the Townscape Upgrades?

  • Six (6) concept designs were presented to community via our Your Say Busselton webpage. Participants were asked to rank concepts in order of which they thought was the best option for the Dunsborough Town Centre. 117 people provided feedback to the City; the final option being constructed is a hybrid of two (2) of the highest ranked concepts. 

Why are trees from Naturaliste Terrace being removed as part of the upgrades

  • The existing tree roots are causing significant damage to street infrastructure, both on public and private land, including to road, pavements, kerbing, and underground services. Protecting public infrastructure ensures its longevity, which will decrease the burden on rate payer funds.
  • These trees are relatively young and will grow larger which will further increase the risk of damage to infrastructure and increase risk to public safety (potential limb dropping).
  • The existing trees were planted in the 1990’s and are inappropriate for the street. Being a large forest tree, the root systems are limited in growing space due to the surrounding infrastructure which may destabilise the trees (potential falling tree/s).
  • The street upgrade works requires significant removal of tree roots which may destabilise the trees resulting in an increased risk to public safety (potential falling tree/s).

Advanced ornamental trees and understorey landscaping will replace these trees. This new landscaping will reflect existing planting on Dunn Bay Rd and Telstra Park.

Will businesses still be accessible?

  • Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place for the duration of the works. However, businesses will remain open.

Will alternative car parking be available while the works occur?

  • Alternative parking will be available in the Chieftain Crescent carpark.

What impact will the completed upgrade have on parking?

  • Improved disability access parking (ACROD bays) is included in these upgrades – three (3) bays will be provided on Naturaliste Terrace and these will be raised to meet the level of the footpath. There are currently 56 standard car parking bays on Naturaliste Terrace; 24 standard bays will be available once these upgrades are complete.


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