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Welcome to the Events Capital of WA! 

The City of Busselton is an ideal location to host your event. We have the climate, the infrastructure, the reputation, and the know-how.

We pride ourselves on offering a year-round diverse and dynamic range of events to suit all ages, demographics and interests. Now, we just need you and your brilliant ideas!

What is an Event?

An event can generally be described as a “pre-arranged gathering or activity for a common entertainment, leisure or competitive purpose”. Events need to be well planned and managed to ensure that they meet their objectives and fulfil their obligations with regard to all stakeholders and participants. The objectives may include offering the community a range of social, cultural and health benefits, and may also deliver economic benefits by way of encouraging tourist visitation and local spend.

Events range across a diverse spectrum, from sport, entertainment and cultural experiences, to markets and community activities, and can be hosted in a private or public venue or an adapted public space. Events can be commercial ventures, fundraising activities or free events open to the public.

In the City of Busselton, we pride ourselves on offering a year-round diverse and dynamic range of events to suit all ages, demographics and interests.

Why Choose the City of Busselton?

Have a read of our Events Prospectus to see why the City of Busselton is the ideal place to hold your event.

Events Prospectus

Can I apply for sponsorship?

The City runs two event sponsorship rounds per year, opening in March and September.

Events are eligible to apply under one of two streams - economic focused events or community focused events.

Learn more about the Event Sponsorship Program here.

Make an Application

Here at the City of Busselton, we aim to make the application process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Please submit an event application at least 8 weeks prior to your event to ensure adequate processing time and provision of additional requested information.

Event Application

Useful Resources 

Check out the following resources to make your event planning even easier!

City of Busselton Events Strategy 2022

City of Busselton Mobile Food Operators

Department of Health - Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings 2022

WA Government COVID-19: Events

WA Plan for Plastics - Does your event comply?

Sustainable Events Guide


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