Urban Art Work

Over the last decade the number of urban artworks on Busselton, Dunsborough and Vasse walls has jumped dramatically! 

The artworks range from simple words to complex conversation starters; on large walls, smaller walls and everything in between. The artworks are a reflection of our lifestyle and what is important to us, and they bring vibrancy and uniqueness to our town centres.

The City is proud to have contributed to funding for community projects through our grants programs and many have been commissioned by private businesses.  

Check out the Urban Art Trail on our Near-Me mapping feature which is included as part of the overall Art Trail (includes Public Artworks too) or you can view the list of artworks below. 

If you see something that isn’t included, send an email to city@busselton.wa.gov.au (attention Cultural Development Officer). Include the location, a photo and any information you might have about the artwork.

If you are interested in pursuing an urban artwork on City property,  you can obtain the guidelines and an application form by emailing city@busselton.wa.gov.au

Pictured to the right is artist Holly Ogden with her Sunflowers (corner Queen St and Prince St, Busselton). 

Busselton - a History

Ballaarat Screen

Surfboard Screen

Local Whales

Busselton Art Society 60th Anniversary Mosaic

Tree of Life Cow


Go Karts Sign

Coast to Farm - Bay OK

Bus Stop

Bus Stop - Kent St

Cockatoo, Possum, Gecko, Seagull and Jetty

Busselton Library: Libris, Children Playing and Japanese Text

Portrait of Samuel Isaacs

Busselton History on the Vasse River

Sugito Sister City Mascot

The Soul Sees without Eyes & Whispers on the Wind


At the Beach

Aboriginal Symbols

Fantail Birds

Splash of Colour

Brown Honeyeaters

Artificial Reef Block

Whaling History

Echidna and Tiger Snake

Dunsborough Activities and Future Hand

Dunsborough Playing Fields Community Activities

Dunsborough Tavern



Light the Way

Dunsborough Life


Cape to Cape Life



Pets Away, Possums Play

Angel's Wings

Carnaby Cockatoos

Bus Stop

Coffee Break

Blue Circle


Surrounded, I See



Canopy of Life

Best Mates

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