Busselton War Memorial

Busselton War Memorial in the Rotary Park of Remembrance

Address: Rotary Park of Remembrance, Causeway Road Busselton

The new Busselton War Memorial was officially opened and consecrated on 22 April 2024.

The project was initiated in 2016 and led by the Returned Services League (RSL) Busselton Sub Branch and RSL WA in collaboration with the City of Busselton. It was funded by the City and a significant grant from the “Saluting Their Service” Commemorative Grant from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Through extensive public consultation and engagement in 2022 and 2023, input was received and considered from community members and community groups, including the Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay, Busselton Historical Society and Karri Karrak Aboriginal Corporation. 

The Busselton War Memorial has been designed to be a visually striking tribute, paying homage to past and present servicemen and women, as well as providing a space for peaceful reflection.

A ‘sword’ shaped walkway leads visitors to the War Memorial Monument which features a carved wreath of Wattle flowers and Eucalypt leaves. Representing the Australian Defence Force, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force, four granite Sentinels from the Capes region surround the War Memorial.

Two Honour walls sit either side of the monument, listing the servicemen who died from World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War.

Along the walkway there are bronze plaques with the names of 180 Busselton serviceman and women from World War I.

The War Memorial will be home to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services, along with other important services coordinated by the Busselton RSL.

Busselton War Memorial Opening



Why Rotary Park was chosen as the preferred location?

  • Rotary Park has been chosen as the new location for the Busselton War Memorial, due to its prime location on the Vasse River, which includes;
    • Adequate parking  
    • The new site is accessible and offers easy access for those less mobile and for ageing Veterans.
    • Provision of accessible public toilets 
    • A quiet location, ideal for peaceful reflection 
    • Close proximity to the Returned Services League (RSL) 
    • Allows for easy road closures.

    When did the project commence?

    The project commenced in January 2024.

    How much did the project cost?

    The RSL has made significant contributions to the War Memorial project; both through obtaining funding, and in-kind contributions.

    The RSL were successful in an application for a $150,000 ‘Saluting their Service’ grant through the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    In 2015, the RSL also carried out a project worth $36,000 to commission a series of memorial plaques, to commemorate those who have served in all combats.

    Associated landscaping costs will be covered by the City of Busselton, with the total project cost equating to approximately $500,000.



    Cenotaph in Victoria Square

    Address: 29 Albert Street, Busselton WA  6280

    The Cenotaph in Victoria Square (bound by Albert and Pries Ave, Peel Terrance and Causeway Road) was the first War Memorial in Busselton. It was designed by Pietro Porcelli and unveiled on 6 January 1920.

    The Cenotaph was originally erected in memory of the men of the district who enlisted in World War I. This is unique for a memorial as the names are not just those who died at the war but includes all those that served.

    On 12 August 1951 a bronze plaque containing the names of 31 servicemen from Busselton and District who lost their lives in World War II was attached to the Cenotaph.

    In 1977, extensive restoration was carried out including sandblasting and coating the sandstone with water repellent. 

    In 1984, after a major face lift and due to the erosion of names, granite plaques with inscribed names were instead affixed to the cenotaph. Unfortunately, these plaques feature a number of spelling errors, a few servicemen listed on the wrong honour role, and the names of local nurses who served omitted.

    In 1995 the first walls of the Memorial Wall were added to the park. The ashes of local servicemen and women and their family members are interred in the wall.

    There are currently no plans to relocate the Memorial Wall but the RSL invites families of those interred in the memorial to get in touch so they could be involved in future planning for it. Contact the RSL at busselton.secretary@sb.rslwa.org.au

    The Cenotaph will remain in Victoria Square.

    Dunsborough War Memorial

    Address: Corner of Dunn Bay Road and Geographe Bay Road, Dunsborough

    The Dunsborough War memorial is located on the corner of Dunn Bay Road and Geographe Bay Road on the foreshore in Dunsborough.

    The memorial was unveiled on Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/2011.

    The Memorial was previously located in front of the Dunsborough Hall on Gifford Road and Gibney Street, but relocated to the Dunsborough Foreshore in 2019.

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