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Al Fresco Trading in the Busselton City Centre (11/12/2019) Policies
Applications for Exploration or Mining/Extraction Licences for Coal or Gas Extraction with Hydraulic Fracturing (13/05/2020) Policies
Art Collection - City of Busselton Art Gallery (21/12/2022) Policies
Asset Management (27/11/2019) Policies
Building Insurance (12/02/2020) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Bushfire Accounting (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Bushfire Brigade Grievance Process Disciplinary Action (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Code of Conduct, Bush Fire Brigade Objectives and Values (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Meetings of Bush Fire Brigades (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Membership of Bush Fire Brigades (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Qualifications of Bush Fire Brigade Officers (12/08/2015) Policies
Bushfire Brigades - Roles of Bush Fire Brigade Officers (12/08/2015) Policies
Busselton Jetty – Placement of Memorial Plaques (28/06/2017) Policies
CEO Performance Review (25/01/2023) Policies
City Brands (15/02/2023) Policies
City Promotion – Government Partnerships (15/02/2023) Policies
Climate Change (12/08/2020) Policies
Closed Circuit Television Systems (13/06/2018) Policies
Commercial Use of City Land and Facilities (13/05/2020) Policies
Community Engagement (09/09/2020) Policies
Community Hire of City Property (21/09/2022) Policies
Complaints Management (12/08/2020) Policies
Compliance (10/06/2020) Policies
Crossovers (13/02/2019) Policies
Defects Liability Bonds for Subdivisions (27/02/2019) Policies
Designation of Senior Employees and Acting CEO (24/04/2019) Policies
Early Clearance of Subdivisions (27/02/2019) Policies
Elected Member Training and Professional Development (25/01/2022) Policies
Environment (10/10/2018) Policies
Events (12/08/2020) Policies
Execution of Documents (15/03/2023) Policies
Fees, Allowances and Expenses for Elected Members (27/08/2019) Policies
Financial Hardship (21/12/2022) Policies
Footpaths and Cycleways Funding Policy (11/06/2021) Policies
Governance of Meelup Regional Park (27/08/2019) Policies
Honorary Freeman of the City of Busselton (15/02/2023) Policies
Investment (27/02/2019) Policies
Leasing of City Premises (13/05/2020) Policies
Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees (14/10/2020) Policies
Loan Facilities (12/08/2020) Policies
Management and Removal of Asbestos (27/11/2019) Policies
Management of Complaints of Alleged Breaches of Behaviour (27/07/2022) Policies
Media and Public Statements (12/02/2020) Policies
Meeting, Information Sessions and Decision Making Processes (15/02/2023) Policies
Misconduct, Fraud and Corruption (27/08/2019) Policies
Naming of City Roads and Assets (12/12/2018) Policies
Partial Moratorium on Scheme Amendments (19/04/2023) Policies
Payments and Presentations on Termination (26/06/2019) Policies
Portable Advertising Signs in Public Places (27/03/2019) Policies
Private works on City Land, including private coastal protection works on City Land (13/02/2019) Policies
Public Artwork (12/02/2020) Policies
Purchasing (10/06/2020) Policies
Rails to Trails (12/09/2018) Policies
Ranger and Emergency Services Approach to Regulatory Functions (12/12/2018) Policies
Recording and Livestreaming of Council Meetings (11/05/2022) Policies
Regional Price Preference (10/10/2018) Policies
Regulation of Holiday Homes (21/09/2022) Policies
Rehoming of Impounded Dogs and Cats (15/02/2023) Policies
Reinstatement Works in Road Reserves (13/02/2019) Policies
Related Party Disclosures (10/03/2021) Policies
Response Form - Alleged Breaches of Behaviour (28/04/2023) Policies
Risk Management (08/09/2021) Policies
Shark Hazard Response (14/10/2020) Policies
Sponsorship Arrangements (11/03/2020) Policies
Swearing In of Elected Members (25/09/2019) Policies
Tourism Directional Information Signage (30/10/2019) Policies
Tree Management and Retention on City Land (23/03/2022) Policies
Urban Art (30/10/2019) Policies
Vandalism - Reward for information relating to the damage of City property (15/02/2023) Policies
Verge and Public Open Space Improvement - Subdivision (27/07/2022) Policies
Waste Collection Service (30/10/2019) Policies
Waste Management Facility and Plant Reserve (12/09/2018) Policies
Work Health and Safety (11/05/2022) Policies

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