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Selection Criteria

NOTE: The selection criteria period for these awards runs from October 2022 to September 2023.

Coach of the Year

  • Achievements within the selection criteria period
  • Demonstrated knowledge of their sport, providing effective training programs, strategies, and guidance to help athletes achieve their full potential
  • Demonstration of strong communication and interpersonal skills, fostering a positive and supportive environment for athletes
  • Demonstrated commitment to supporting the development of other coaches
  • May include factors such as coaching expertise, leadership, and mentorship abilities
  • Demonstrated commitment to positive sportsmanship behaviour

Official of the Year

  • Achievements within the selection criteria period
  • Demonstrated expertise in officiating, fair and unbiased judgment, commitment to upholding the rules and regulations of the sport, professionalism in managing competitions, dedication to ensuring player safety, ability to effectively communicate and interact with athletes, coaches, and fellow officials

Volunteer of the Year

  • Achievements within the selection criteria period
  • Demonstrated a significant commitment and dedication to supporting sports competitions, events and Club activities
  • Their contribution should have made a tangible and positive impact on the overall success and development within the Club
  • They should exemplify outstanding sportsmanship and embody the values of integrity, fairness, and respect in their interactions with athletes, coaches, officials, and fellow volunteers
  • Individuals who have gone above and beyond their role, displaying exceptional leadership, initiative, and innovation in their volunteer role

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Detail applicable performances and achievements during the selection criteria period (12 months).

Coach could include sport and coaching expertise, athlete assistance, training strategies, communication skills, positive environment.

Official could include officiating expertise, fairness, commitment, professionalism, dedication to safety, communication skills.

Volunteer could include commitment to the sport and club, positive impact on the club, sportsmanship values, respect, leadership.

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