Online Form - Seasonal Recreational Ground and Court Application

Please take the time to read through the Terms and Conditions before commencing your application. 

Terms and Conditions of Hire

Applicants must be over 18 years of age to complete this application form.

    Seasonal usage of the City of Busselton’s sporting grounds, reserves, and hard courts must be applied for by submitting the on-line form – Seasonal Recreational Ground and Hard Court Usage Application.  This form is available from the City of Busselton Website:, located under Sport and Recreation – Seasonal Sporting Ground Hire.  Any Pre-Season Training, Pre-Season Matches and any ground use prior to the season must be submitted on a Contract of Hire Form, also located under the website. Please be advised that Soccer/Football boots with studs and sprigs are NOT permitted to be worn on any sporting ground prior to the winter season commencing on 1 April each year. Failure to comply may result in clubs having their pre-season training permit cancelled.
    All applicants must follow the conditions of use outlined in the Contract of Hire Form and Seasonal Recreational Ground and Hard Court Usage Application.  The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring the use of the Reserve, Change Rooms and Ablutions complies with the approved purpose and all other conditions of hire.  Unauthorised use or entry to a Reserve at any time without the written consent from the City of Busselton may bring disciplinary action / fines to the club concerned.
    To pay the City of Busselton the fees and charges incurred within 7 days of Invoice.
    Approval to use a City sporting ground, reserve, or public open space applies only to the times and dates outlined on the booking confirmation. If the booking extends past the approved time, additional hire fees will be charged.
    Occasional hire of hard courts may be granted by completing a Contract of Hire Form. This is an on-line form available from the City of Busselton Website:, located under Sport and Recreation – Seasonal Sporting Ground Hire.
    All sporting ground change rooms form part of the Seasonal sporting ground hire for the club that hires the ground each season.  All change rooms shall be left clean and tidy after each use by the responsible club. Rubbish shall be removed and all showers, toilets, sinks and floor areas are to be fully cleaned by the responsible club.  The City are not responsible for the cleaning of sporting ground change rooms.  Change rooms must be locked/secured with lights switched off before exiting the premises. Clubs are not permitted to store equipment in change rooms.  Keys issued can be returned to Venue Support Services at the end of each season and any key bonds refunded.
    All sporting clubs shall provide and maintain all of the equipment and materials requires to conduct their sport at their own expense (e.g. goal posts, goal rings, hockey goals etc). Any materials or equipment deemed unsafe by the City shall be removed. All portable equipment (e.g. soccer/AFL goals, nets etc) must be removed from the grounds after each use and stored/secured in the allocated area.
    Any vegetation, dirt, water or other foreign material that has collected on the courts is the responsibility of the hirer to clean/sweep off to ensure the courts are safe for training / games to be played.
    Attendance must not exceed the capacities determined by the Department of Health. In the event that such numbers are exceeded, the Hirer takes full responsibility for any legal action such as the termination of their booking.
  10. KEYS
    Keys can be collected from the City of Busselton Administration building, 2 Southern Drive, Busselton between 10.00am and 4.00pm weekdays. A request for a key must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the scheduled date of the booking and relevant key bond invoice issued and paid by the hirer prior to collecting the key.
    The Hirer must comply with provisions of the Liquor Licensing Act 1988. It is a breach of by-laws to take alcohol onto, or consume alcohol on any reserve without written permission from the City of Busselton. Clubs who lease a club room facility situated on a sporting ground must obtain approval from the City of Busselton and a liquor licence to allow the consumption and sale of alcohol on a City reserve.
    Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Council facilities. Smoking must be restricted to outdoor areas only and any discarded butts disposed of appropriately.
    Community groups/clubs are required to provide the following current and valid certificates and qualifications at the time of booking:
    - $10 Million Public Liability Insurance
    - Certificate of Incorporation / ABN (whichever is relevant)

    - That the Hirer will indemnify the City against any claim, loss or expense which may be made or arise as a result of the use of the sporting ground or public open space.

  14. DAMAGE
    Please ensure that any notable damage to sporting grounds, equipment, lighting, club rooms or ablutions is reported to Venue Support Services during business hours Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 4:00pm, by emailing
    The Hirer must ensure compliance with the City of Busselton’s Local Laws. If the Hirer intends to sell food at the venue, theHirer must obtain a permit from the City’s Environmental Health Services and other appropriate trading permits.
    No vehicle is authorised to access any sporting ground, reserve or public open space area without obtaining prior consent from the City.
    No tent, marquee or bouncy castle is to be erected at any facility, reserve or public open space area without obtaining prior consent from the City. No stakes and/or pickets are to be placed into any part of the ground without the City’s consent in order not to damage reticulation or underground services. All Bouncy Castle requests must be submitted by completing a Contract of Hire Form stating location, date and time of event and a map showing the location of the bouncy castle. A fee is
    payable and an Invoice will be issued. A permit must be obtained and a member of the Irrigation Team will line mark the reticulation and underground services. Any repair of damage to the City’s reticulation will be at the expense of the Hirer.
    It is a requirement any person engaged in paid or unpaid work with children, obtains a WWCC. Work is child-related work if the usual duties of work involve or are likely to involve, contact with a child in connection to coaching or private tuition service of any kind and/or a club/association/movement with a significant membership/involvement of children, but not including an informal arrangement entered into for private/domestic purposes. It is your responsibility to comply with this requirement
    and ensure all relevant coaching staff hold a current and valid WWCC.
    It is your responsibility to ensure all coaching staff/officials hold relevant qualifications applicable. We reserve the right to request copies of these qualifications if required.


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Which grounds will you require?

If you are training prior to commencement of the season you must submit a Contract of Hire Form for pre-season training.
Courts may not be available for pre-season training on the dates required if the previous season’s commitments have not finished. Summer season sports get preference while their season is still running.
The City of Busselton will line mark all AFL Ovals, Soccer Pitches, Rugby Pitches, Touch Football Pitches and Tee-Ball Diamonds, once at the beginning of the season (just prior to the first game commencing). It is then the responsibility of each club to maintain line marking for the remainder of the season.
I endorse this application, accept full responsibility for the above booking and will ensure compliance with the City of Busselton By-Laws, Conditions of Hire and Local Laws?*

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