Powerbank Coming to Town

Published on Monday, 15 February 2021 at 3:31:00 PM

In partnership with Western Power and Synergy, the City is excited to announce the release of the PowerBank trial in Busselton, allowing local residents to benefit from battery storage technology.

A PowerBank is a type of community battery that is shared by households who generate solar energy. Unused power generated during the day is virtually stored in the battery and available for redraw when the sun stops shining. At the end of the day any remaining power is returned to the grid, with participating households paid the standard feed-in tariff.

The battery was installed last year in Shovelboard Way, Vasse and after some fine-tuning is now ready to start storing excess solar energy generated by local residents. Synergy will soon be contacting households that have rooftop solar and a consumption pattern suited to battery storage and offer them to take part in the trial for a daily subscription fee.

Mayor Grant Henley said that he was pleased to see our community being selected for the roll out of the PowerBank trial and that it supported the City’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

“This is another great achievement towards a lower emissions community and making new technologies part of our reality!” Cr Henley said.  

More information available at https://www.westernpower.com.au/faqs/community-batteries/

Video available at https://vimeo.com/505542642/88845984de

Photo: The PowerBank battery in Shovelboard Way, Vasse

Media enquiries can be directed to the City’s Public Relations Coordinator, Meredith Dixon on 97810446 or meredith.dixon@busselton.wa.gov.au


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