Construction - Busselton Performing Arts and Convention Centre

Broad Construction commenced work on the Performing Arts and Convention Centre in February 2022. 

Key Activities, Impacts and Potential Disruptions as at 13th May: 

  • Dewatering in progress
  • Civil drainage works (Queen Street) – shifting of fencing on Queen Street resulting in loss of public car bays and requiring 1 lane road closure
  • Concrete pour for Lift 1 & 2 footings
  • Concrete pour for Substage Sump walls and Substage Blind Slab
  • Waterproofing works to continue for footings
  • Crane Base - Excavation of pit, concrete pour blind slab and footing
  • Pile cropping works

Overview of Construction Program for the following 6 weeks:

  • Concrete works for footings
  • Waterproofing works for substructure
  • Civil structure works on Queen Street
  • Retention to rear end of Weld Theatre
  • Excavation of retention tanks and fire tanks
  • Crane erection

The following schedule outlines current plans for building works:

Activity  Date
Works commence 31 January 2022
Stage 1 works complete: basement, in ground works April 2022
Stage 2 works commence: above  ground works May 2022
Stage 2 works complete June 2023
Commissioning July to September 2023
Opening October 2023

The ArtGeo Gallery is now Broad Construction’s site office. Exhibitions, displays and sales of visual arts will continue in the Courthouse Complex building across the road. The City’s Project Team and Broad Construction are working closely with the Busselton Repertory Club to plan the integration of the Weld Theatre, to minimise any disruption to their performance schedule and programming.

Further information will be provided around any pedestrian, vehicle or parking impacts. However, where possible these impacts will be minimised to enable the Cultural Precinct on Queen Street to function as usual.

The City of Busselton is looking forward to building an inspirational new gallery and one of the best performing arts and events centres in regional Australia in partnership with Broad Construction, local trades and suppliers.


This page will be updated regularly. Nearby residents and businesses are receiving additional weekly communications.

Construction Progress in Photos 


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