Bird Brains - An Exhibition by WA Wildlife Art

Published on Tuesday, 6 December 2022 at 12:39:00 PM

Old Courthouse Complex,
4 Queen Street, Busselton
Open Daily 10am – 4pm (free entry)
Closed for Xmas 24 Dec – 2 Jan 2023
Exhibition open 8 December 2022 until 16 January 2023.

Be inspired by some of our local birds and animals from one of WA’s newest artist collectives - WA Wildlife Art.

Painters Simon Harrison and Sally Edmonds have combined with sculptor Mark Dalton to channel their passion for the natural world to create a high quality exhibition of realistic impressions of our native feathered and fury creatures.

Simon Harrison, (Founder and Director) being an artist himself has a lifelong passion for nature and its conservation. He has networked with friends and other artists he respects to create a one-stop shop for WA Wildlife Art.

One of the central parts of Sally’s work is to show the real character of the bird. The focus is 100% on the bird with its unique story, history, family and future. “When I am forming an image, I have 3 main objectives: colour, composition and character. If I can get all 3, I’m very happy” Sally said.

Mark is a realist painter, turned taxidermist and finally sculptor of wood. “Most of the taxidermy work that I did was used for educational purposes but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that I became fascinated with decorate bird carving. To me, this art form allowed me to paint and create a realistic three-dimensional piece made from wood that could be displayed in people’s homes.” Mr Dalton said.

Simon will be offering some workshops during January.

For the latest information please visit the ArtGeo Cultural Complex Facebook page and website.

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (2021 - 2031) Key Themes Lifestyle: A place that is relaxed, safe and friendly with services and facilities that support our lifestyle.


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