Artwork Pays Homage to ‘Dreaming’ Snake, the Waugul

Published on Monday, 27 June 2022 at 9:17:13 AM

As part of the City’s Reconciliation Action Plan, a beautiful artwork made by renowned local artist, Elder and Custodian of Wadandi, Pibulmun and Menang Country, Sandra Hill, has been acquired.


As a member of the Stolen Generation, art became a way for Sandra to immerse her sense of loss, sadness and grief into something more tangible and concrete. Her journey with art being the one constant throughout her life. Sandra’s art symbolises her peoples’ strength and resilience but most importantly, it celebrates the ongoing survival of the Bibbulmun people and their culture.


‘The Guardian – Waugul’ is ever-present, moving across Bibbulmun Country, watching over the land he created and the people who followed afterwards, the Bibbulmun people of the South West of Western Australia. The shield is their protection, like the Waugul. It is a symbol of fighting for and protecting their Culture, families and Country. It is the ‘guardian’ of everything that they are and that they once were. The red symbolising their ancient cultural presence and ongoing family bloodlines that will continue on into the future.


Sandra’s strength and resilience through her artwork is truly admirable. Sharing history, the artwork is on display in the City’s Administration Building, outside the Undalup Room.

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