City of Busselton confirmed as a leading regional local government area!

Published on Thursday, 30 May 2024 at 2:18:33 PM

The results are in from the city-wide survey which was conducted in February and March this year. A total of 1363 respondents offered their feedback to the City by rating a wide and diverse range of services the City either directly provides, partners with others to facilitate, or advocates for. Through the MARKYT Community Scorecard survey, the City was benchmarked against a range of other local governments, and was rated one of the top ranking regional local governments in WA.

The community provided high scores for aspects such as community spirit, sense of belonging, pride in the local area and being a great place to visit. Access to goods and services and Council’s investment in creating a place to live and invest rated highly.

The survey results also provided clarity around community perceptions and priorities for Council to consider when planning for the future. While sport and recreation scored highly with an 82% positive rating, the community identified a clear desire for new facilities to meet increasing demand. Other matters of importance to the community included a focus on our waterways, rivers and inlets, response to housing issues, responsible growth and development of the district, and community safety.

As the next step in development of a new strategic Council Plan, a draft document detailing a range of priorities will be developed and then workshopped with the community, ahead of further Council review and endorsement. 

Mayor Phill Cronin thanked everyone who took the time to complete a survey: “We are delighted at the response from our community which confirms what we already know – the City of Busselton is one of the best places to live, work and invest. The results will be really useful to guide the Council into the future. We also appreciate people providing detailed comments to support the data, as this has helped us truly understand what is driving each score”.

Mayor Cronin also said: “I encourage people to get involved in the community workshops as we shape our new Council Plan as this will guide Council’s strategic decisions and priorities for the next 10 years”.

To view the MARKYT Community Scorecard results, please visit the City’s website >>

Workshops have been scheduled for 17 July in Dunsborough and 18 July in Busselton. Community members wishing to participate are encouraged to register by 1 July 2024. It is anticipated that the final draft of the Council Plan will be presented to Council in September 2024.

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