Flightless young swans need our help!

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 at 1:18:00 PM

Mayor Henley visited FAWNA Inc. and its Possum Finishing School today, where some of Busselton’s Black Swan cygnets have been admitted and cared for by volunteers. 

Over 120 Black Swan cygnets have been rescued so far, with countless hours spent by volunteers rescuing and nurturing the stranded, flightless young back to good health. FAWNA are no strangers to this plight, as in previous years dedicated volunteers have saved as many as 450 cygnets in one summer. 

During the summer months our local wetlands dry and the young search for food and fresh water. Unfortunately cygnets have no survival prospects on the sea, where many are rescued, and those who wander our neighbourhood are found malnourished, exhausted and some with burnt feet.  

It’s costing over $300 per day to feed the cygnets so they can be successfully released to more appropriate wetlands. This is funded through FAWNA donations and fundraising efforts. Fresh green supplies have kindly been supplied by Woolworths and their WIRES Food for Wildlife program, but grain is still needed. 

If you can assist in improving the welfare of these birds and other wildlife, head over to FAWNA. All donations are welcomed and so are volunteers. 

FAWNA will also be constructing a Flight Academy this year. If you are a bird lover, this may just be the dream volunteer job for you.

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