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The agenda for DA21/0815 (details shown below) which is due to be determined by the JDAP on 10 January 2022, is available on:












Form 1

City of Busselton

Lot 108 (57) Dunn Bay Road and lot 109 (6) Cyrillean Way, Dunsborough

Mixed Use Development (Office, Shops, Restaurant/Cafe, Liquor Store – Small & 42 Multiple Dwellings)

Mr Finn Smith

Planning Solutions

DCSC Pty Ltd


**Please note that JDAP Agendas are regularly updated prior to JDAP meetings and we recommend that you check the DPLH / DAP website prior to the meeting for the most current version: DAPs agendas and minutes - Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (dplh.wa.gov.au)


Meeting details

Date:        Monday, 10 January 2022

Time:        1pm

Venue:     City of Busselton Council Chambers, 2 Southern Drive, Busselton


Attendance in Person

You are welcome to attend the JDAP meeting in person at the City of Busselton Council Chambers.  Please be advised however that we only have seating for approximately 90 community attendees in the Council Chambers. 

Should the capacity of the Council Chambers be reached, you will be able to watch the meeting via livestream in another room within the administration building.  You are also able to livestream the meeting from home (see details below).

If you wish to attend in person, please be advised that parking around the administration building can be limited and you may wish to make use of the additional parking as shown on the map attached to this email.


Electronic Attendance

If you are unable to attend the City offices on the day but would still like to watch the proceedings, the meeting will be livestreamed on the City’s website: City of Busselton - YouTube

A link to the livestream will be available on this page from approximately 12.45pm with the meeting due to officially start at 1pm.  Please note that you will not be able to find a link to the livestream before 12.45pm on the meeting day.

Please note that the Presiding Member of the JDAP has advised that the meeting is only to be audio recorded in accordance with Section 5.16 of the DAP Standing Orders 2020 which states 'A person must not use any electronic, visual or audio recording device or instrument to record the proceedings of the DAP meeting unless the Presiding Member has given permission to do so.' The Presiding Member granted permission for the minute taker to record proceedings for the purpose of the minutes only.


Presentation Requests

As a Submitter, if you wish to make a formal presentation at the abovementioned meeting, you will be required to contact the DAP Secretariat. 

Please click on the link provided below for the relevant form and email address details to place your Presentation Request:

  • To make a presentation to the DAP, please complete the attached Presentation Request Template and email it to the DAP Secretariat.
  • The request is to be submitted at least 3 days prior to the DAP meeting.

If you are approved to present and are unable to attend the meeting in person, you will be required to attend by Zoom via the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89741764030?pwd=dlBkc0NiSFdTQmYvM2xnakRKWC9ZQT09


To connect to the meeting via teleconference dial the following phone number: +61 8 7150 1149 Australia

Insert Meeting ID followed by the hash (#) key when prompted: 897 4176 4030

Passcode: 193695

If you've encountered a problem with the website or have any general feedback, please provide comment via this form.

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